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Waitrose, Sunningdale

As one of the Waitrose Framework contractors we were appointed to undertake this large scale store refurbishment which included the design and build of a number of services and changes to incorporate capital plant replacement and to include a number of new initiatives. The works were undertaken on nights over an 8 week period and included the phased replacement of the DX refrigeration circuits with new condenser water circuits and dry coolers.


Services included:

  • Phased replacement of DX refridge pipework with new condenser water circuits/pumps
  • Condenser water pipework to all cold aisle fridge cases and BOH cold rooms
  • Installation of 2No roof top dry air adiabatic coolers
  • Strip out and replacement of the LTHW boilers with new modular condensing boilers
  • New Hot Water Generation plant & Cold Water services to back bar counters¬†
  • Vacuum Drainage to all back bar counters and cold aisle cases
  • Introduction of cold aisle retrieval ducts, new grilles and door heaters
  • Complete refurbishment of all partner toilets
  • Overhauling of all existing ventilation plant
  • Flushing, dosing and re-commissioning
  • BMS controls